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The beginner mindset

The power of unlearning to evolve

Is this scenario familiar? You invest time, energy and most likely money to learn something. While you receive the learning, you discover your inner critic taking charge, filtering everything through the huge amount of knowledge you possess already and wanting to show up as the smartest guy in the room! The ending result? Very little going through this thick wall of criticism and not too much ROI!

In other words: the cup is full…no chances to add anything.

That’s what is like when we want to do things differently but we are not prepared to let go of anything. As a famous quote attributed to Einstein cleverly states: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So, how can we combine valuing our past and expertise with the desire to create something new?

Here’s the deal: adopting a beginners mindset and having the courage to “park” what we know, just for a short while…until we are ready to move to the next level, incorporating old & new!

It doesn’t mean to throw away our irreplaceable knowledge, experience and wisdom.

It means to PAUSE and suspend all the above to make space for something new.

Similarly to a newborn, a new way of thinking and behaving requires self love, patience and a huge dose of courage before it can blend in with who we have been and what we have done up to that moment.

Daring to let go of old patterns and experimenting with new ways, with the curiosity and enthusiasm of a beginner, acutely aware and alive, eager to ask for help, is what leads to embracing old & new, giving life to something authentic, exciting and innovative.

When are you going to experiment your beginner mindset, in which circumstance and with whom?

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