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Making today an extra-ordinary day!

What's driving you today to go the extra mile?
For me today was celebrating a good friend turning 57 by doing together 5700 meters swimming in the early morning.
The reward? here's a few...
- Motivation: knowing I'm surrounding myself with the right people, supporting and pushing me exactly in the direction where I want to go.
- Connection: doing, being and celebrating with others, feeling their heart and desire to share something together.
- Challenge: certainly not something I do every day!
- Stamina: building the physical resources to deal with difficulties and stressors.
- Accomplishment: isn't it great to create little milestones here and there to make ordinary days a bit special?
- Happiness: body, mind & soul alive together in this moment.
And it's only 8 in the morning, the day is still there to ripple this energy to many others!!!
What's your extra mile? How can you transform your day with an extra-ordinary action?

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