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    My purpose is to awake your inner warrior. When I hear your true voice, your eagerness to show up big in life, your commitment to yourself, those who can benefit from your presence & actions and the world around you, I know my job is done!


    When facilitating, I connect the dots and get curious on the relationships, the people drives and the system represented. There is no better day than when a group of people get together with curiosity and openness to commit to something bigger than themselves. My role is to ignite and hold the group while people together achieve their goals and experience new ways to communicate, collaborate and understand each other.


    There is nothing as fulfilling as being with someone who is eager to develop, learn and challenge themselves.

    I'm grateful for the privilege to mentor young female leaders in South East Asia as well as change makers and leaders around the world.

    Coaching Supervision

    Since becoming part of the 1st class faculty leaders for CTI, The Coaches Training Institute, I've partnered with coaches in certification as a supervisor and as a mentor. As a PCC and a CPCC I bring my competences and experience to dive deep in the multifaceted aspects of coaching. Please contact me to know more about the process and for a quote.

  • My craft

    Transition coach & cross cultural expert

    Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) from the Co-Active Training Institute

    and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF)

    Member of the ION® Partnership, an international network of senior executive coaches who use applied neuroscience to help leverage human potential.


    I focus on Transition

    I support my clients to embrace change and use it as a propeller to fulfill their ambitions for themselves and for those around them.

    Together, we tackle closure with the past, ambiguity in the present, discomfort, blocks and limitations so as to free up the pathways, with speed and confidence, to engage the transition towards the desired future while enjoying the ride!



    Personal development, inner alignment, leadership, entrepreneurship, social and environmental impact, resilience, cultural diversity, change, action, active learning and presence.


    My Story

    I lived in 6 countries (Italy, UK, NL, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines) and connected with people in many others.

    The wisdom I receive from people all over the world is a constant reminder of the human richness.

    I value diversity, its beauty and its relevance for a healthy development of humanity and its coexistence with our planet.

    With a strong background in leadership, I'm always in the quest for what makes each person strive and accomplish their dreams.

    I believe in the ripple effect: once we open our heart, the same is possible for anyone around us.

    The combination of logical efficacy and empathic connection makes me a powerful partner to find your own expression of happiness, balance and fulfilment. 

    Mother of 3 young adults and passionate about challenge, resilience, sport, nutrition and well being, I stretch the boundaries of leading from the head, heart and gut, activating all our energies and staying connected with our inner wisdom.


    and here more to discover about me!


    "Each person is a new territory. I yearn to explore it.

    Beyond the known

    Beyond the assumptions

    Beyond the layers of the should be, should do,

    To reveal the inner beauty very few have access to"


  • A little more about coaching


    Explore the co-active model: http://www.thecoaches.com/why-cti/what-is-co-active

    It all starts from you and what really matters for you

    My role as a coach is to trigger your inner warrior into action and impact the world around you according to your own values and beliefs.



    We start from "sniffing" each other...Is there chemistry between us? Can we work together? Is there something to invite our bold self to show up fully?

    If yes is the answer to the above questions, then we start our journey together.

    First and foremost by creating solid foundations: we want a safe & courageous space for each other, free from obstacles, doubts, worries in how to be together.

    Anything is welcome to show up to create a solid alliance.

    I'll be asking LOADS of questions. That's my only way to know you as you are right now, not yesterday and not even tomorrow.

    My attention goes to what triggers your allergy reactions, what makes you close down or pull away, what gets you disconnected.

    And even more to what is important for you, what you value, what makes you feel alive, connected, powerful.

    We'll work with your whole person (mind, body, heart and soul) to shine the light on your "self".

    We'll create structures to bring you back instantly to the wise core in the difficult moments.

    Action we'll always be our focus: nothing happens until we do something!

    And when we work together...something happens!



    As often as needed.

    There is no one size fits all.

    We'll find the right way together and we'll commit 100% to make every minute counts.

    Maybe a cycle of 6 session is enough to establish different behaviours or it can happen sooner or more time might be needed to dig a little deeper and allow the change to sit under the skin.

    The only rule is: it's your decision.

    My objective is to witness your achievements and fulfilment.

  • Vittoria has been an impactful and pleasant coach for me: an excellent listener with the ability to go and think from abstract back down to earth and vice versa. The professional talks and conversations I had with her helped me a lot: spot on feedback, eye-openers, good ideas, new ways of looking at myself, succession, my organization and my approach: do what your are good and like. In addition she has been a good support in my Krauthammer University and Business development projects: business argumentation curriculum, open space decision making/ turbulence, facilitation faculty, conceptualization of ideas. Last but not least: a global citizen, a pleasant person, someone who can anchor and stay close with others even when moving over the globe.

    — Jos Velthuis

    Krauthammer senior partner


    Vittoria engages from the start and her warm personality gets the best out of you. She digs deep and challenges appropriately and pushes where you need to be pushed. She is creative and makes the sessions meaningful, fun, and above all, rewarding.


    — Kay Twine

    Managing Director / Business Unit Leader


    Vittoria is simply an amazing coach and an amazing person. She is creative, empathetic, inspirational and energetic. Our sessions were always something to look forward to. Vittoria has a unique talent for creating a space where reflections and insights emerge naturally and yet so powerfully. It's almost magical. Her skillful guidance was never prescriptive nor directive, yet suddenly I would find myself in a place so rich with creative energy and possibilities, and feeling so deeply connected and centered... I always felt full ownership of what emerged in the coaching process, and yet I know that it would not have happened without Vittoria, her presence, her engagement and her art. Coaching with Vittoria has been a most transformative experience.


    Alessandra C. Rodel Marazzi

    PCI Certified Parent Coach, Shareholder Craft by Nature Co Ltd.
    to describe the experience working with Vittoria brings you back to freshness, elan, contagious positive energy, with a fascinating blend made of fast-agile-thorough thinking
    Daniel Eppling Chief Innovation Officer at Krauthammer

  • Let's have 15' speedy coaching...it's my gift for you at no cost, because I believe in its power

    Have you ever tried something new and found out it was exactly what you needed?

    Follow your gut and give it a try!

    Contact me and let's meet for a complimentary trial session.

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    My heart

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    Always eager to answer any question and explore together what coaching can do for you

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    Welcome to the free thoughts area!If you want to share any idea or comment, post it in the "contact me" box and I'll add it here under your name (if you want to) or as anonymous (if you ask me to).Happy reading!

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    What's driving you today to go the extra mile? For me today was celebrating a good friend turning...
    December 7, 2018
    Is this scenario familiar? You invest time, energy and most likely money to learn something....
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  • about

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    Lifestyle & Executive Coach // Cross-Cultural Expert Jan 2014 - Present

    Transition Coaching

    A2per2 focus on Transition coaching, with particular attention to values alignment, presence, personal call, resonant choices and commitment.

    With foundations in leadership, philosophy, psychology and logic, A2per2 questions the “what” looking behind the stage, the "why" looking at the audience and the how witnessing the performance. A2per2 offers a space to engage with different perspectives in order to open new possibilities.


    Cross Cultural Consultancy

    Every person and every team has its unique stage of life and A2per2 values this factor enhancing the benefits of diversity and helping the transition to the desired new stage.

    Understanding and embracing our roots, challenging the personal drive to act in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, complex and ambiguous) situations, practising new behaviours are some of the focus area. A2per2 feels the temperature of the environment and offers the booster for an increased performance.



    The magic space of learning and growth has a special place in what A2per2 does.

    Supporting a person to expand the possibilities of their leadership is a rewarding commitment.

    Gently raising the attention of hidden area of their newly acquired coaching skills is another.

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    Content writer and business development consultant 2010 - 2014

    Facilitator and activator during the process of knowledge creation, with the objective of transferring content to the “interested target” within or outside Krauthammer.
    Active on the development of Personal Branding, by interviewing K consultants and helping them to convey their uniqueness through different media (text, video, contributions on and off line).

    • strong listener, ability to understand and transfer knowledge in a structured and accessible way;
    • enthusiastic in challenging and be challenged in new directions;
    • able to identify the core of the interventions and translate it on paper;
    • perceptive of the core qualities to be developed in others and proactive in triggering a positive change.

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    ISA International School of Amsterdam

    "Run to Share" founder and organizer Oct 2011 - Jul 2013

    Running Charity Event
    Creator and promoter of an active and fun way to empower fundraising.

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    Assistant Riding for disabled 2008 - 2010

    RDA is a leading voluntary organization that enables people with disabilities to improve their health and wellbeing through horse riding and related activities.

    • My role: to provide support to disabled riders/drivers.
    • Key challenge: to understand the needs and the physical and emotional barriers of each individual rider and to overcome them through specific activities.
    • Responsibility: I had to interact with both the subjects involved (aged from 6 years old to adulthood) and their families, assuming full responsibility for the disabled safety in an environment where is very difficult to control all possible events.

    • I have been recognised for my ability to quickly understand the criticality of the situations and being prompt in the interventions.
    • I have also managed to correctly respond to the needs of individuals with different levels of disability in the autistic spectrum.

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    CD Italy (PHILIPS)

    Multimedia Project Manager 1996 - Jun 2000

    CD Italy (now Media Italy) was the Technology and Innovation Laboratory for Philips Italia. It developed the new standard of multimedia communication through the use of CD-Is for training and entertainment purposes.

    • As a Project manager I had the full accountability for the Project Delivery:
    - Understanding of the customer needs and identification of the target audience;
    - Preparation of the costs and resources needed and relative customer offer;
    - After the assignment I had to organise multiple meetings with the Customer in order to fully understand the content material;
    - I was directly responsible for the preparation of the Storyboard (description of all the media text, audio and video, employed in the interactive translation).
    - Team resource allocation and day to day management of the project execution.

    • On time in full delivery of key Products for Italtel, Italian Railways, interactive version of the TV program Quark (scientific media) .
    • I was assigned the most critical projects thanks to my ability to understand and fully translate the customer expectations into a product delivered on time.
    • I was recognised within the company for being able to channel the creative energy of our designers into an organised and logical flow.

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    Author and New Technology Researcher 1994 - Feb 1996

    Nauta was a Technology Research Centre with the objective to develop new tools for the advertisement and communication sector.

    • I was in charge of the New Technology press review office.
    • As an author, I was responsible to produce articles related to the new technologies potentialities for the wider users.

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    Newton Media in Action

    Author and New Technology Researcher Jan 1992 - Jan 1994

    Newton Media in Action was an Interactive System producer specialised in the use of audio and visual media at a time when this was perceived as radically innovative.

    • Role: New project developer and Author.
    • Responsibility: to understand the customer content and to translate it into a storyboard where every single media was properly employed.

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    CTI Co-Active Training Institute

    CTI faculty - FORL Front of the Room Leader Oct 2017 - Present

    Leading people eager to learn the mastery of coaching via contextually based, experiential transformative learning.

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    WEDU - Women Education

    Rising stars' Mentor 2015 - Present

    Board chair - 2021 - Present

    Our mission is to unlock the leadership potential of women in Asia by providing lifelong mentorship and innovative financing options to complete higher education and become change-makers in their communities.

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    ION Partnership - Partner

    Partner 2021 - Present

    From the shared experience of attending Professor Paul Brown’s CPD teachings on The Science of the Art of Coaching, we are an international group of independent senior executive coaches, mentors and organisational consultants, bringing to our professional encounters a working knowledge of the brain as the master controller of all behaviour.

    At the centre of our work is an understanding of how human energy creates profit and all other organisational as well as personal outcomes and the conditions under which it flows. Professionally, we focus on how individuals become who they wish to be in pursuit of their own as well as the organisation’s strategic and operational goals.

  • Skills

    Executive Coaching



    Culture Change

    Behavioural Change

    Leadership Coaching






  • Education

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    Co-Active Leadership Experience CLE 2017

    Traditional leadership paradigms say that leaders are defined by their roles and responsibility. In the new Co-Active leadership paradigm, we believe that everyone is a leader, and there is more than one way to lead. In this 3-day experiential workshop, participants will be guided through all 5 dimensions of the revolutionary Co-Active Leadership Model. You’ll learn about different leadership styles, how they can align communication with a common language, and when and how to apply each to be more agile, effective, and able to bring the best version of yourself to any situation.

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    PCC Professional Certified Coach 2017

    Professional Coach Thomas Leonard started ICF in 1995 as a nonprofit organization for fellow coaches to support each other and grow the profession. Three years later, buoyed by 70 dedicated volunteers and growing interest, ICF began its quest to raise the profile of professional coaching.

    ICF created Core Competencies and built a Code of Ethics, setting the standard in the coaching field. An Ethical Conduct Review Process and Independent Review Board (IRB) were established, allowing consumers to file breach-of-ethics complaints.

    ICF also defined curriculum standards (accreditation), to ensure consistency in coach training, and developed an ICF Credentialing system, requiring renewal every three years.

    Currently, membership is growing around the world by an average of 500+ members a month and exceeds 20,000. ICF continues to focus on professional standards while positioning the organization more strategically. ICF’s goal is to keep growing membership and maintain a solid direction, presence and professional voice for coaches.

    Based out of Lexington, Kentucky, ICF also operates Regional Service Centres in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America, leading the global advancement of the coaching profession.

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    Leadership 2015 - 2016

    The experiential leadership training program encompasses four all-inclusive residential retreats held over a 10-month period, as well as in-between projects. It is designed to foster leadership skills and potential through the development of an international community of peers and leaders (approximately 24 participants per group) who grow and learn together through a variety of shared experiences.

    The Co-Active Leadership Program propels participants into understanding and accessing their unique strengths and personal power through participation in adventure-based activities, interactive exercises, spirited dialogue, ropes course challenges, and other group processes.

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    ACC Accredited Certified Coach 2015

    ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

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    CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach 2014 - 2015

    Co-Active Coach Training Program
    The oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world, CTI® has trained over 62,000 coaches and has also trained employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry.

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    Business/Corporate Communications, Multicultural communication 2011 - 2014

    Do you believe in a “perfect organisation”? Well, we don’t. But we do believe that a highly effective organisation is the source of competitive advantage. Our work is based on the principle that organisations are dynamic systems and people their most important element. We focus on your people and their behaviour. And today people’s individual performance has never been more crucial for corporate growth. Without people’s passion, power and perseverance companies lose their main drivers.

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    Università degli Studi di Milano

    Filosofia - logica, Master in Logic at the University Of Philosophy 1986 - 1992

    L’Università di Milano è un ateneo pubblico, pluralista e multidisciplinare dove consideriamo fondamentale riflettere, fare ricerca, insegnare, studiare e porsi domande, facendo circolare liberamente posizioni, opinioni e valori diversi.

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    The Leadership Circle Profile

    The Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner

    The Leadership Circle Profile is an integrated lens of a leader’s vertical development. It is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information for immediate opportunities for leadership development.

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    Neurobehavioral Modeling

    NeuroscienceScience of the Art of Coaching

    Pathways Limited with Dr P BrownPathways Limited with Dr P Brown

    Science of the Art of Coaching,, Neuroscience2018 - 20192018 - 2019


    A working knowledge about the brain and how it controls behaviour through the regulation and integration of its cognitive and emotional mechanisms.
    Application of that knowledge in the context of executive coaching and in the development of the Coach’s repertoire of available skills and knowledge.
    Understanding how to enquire into the biographical bases of current life behaviour and being able to work out how patterns formed from earlier experience go on resonating throughout adult life, and especially at work.
    Beginning to understand the brain as both the organ of relationship and as the central controller of the way energy is applied to everything in life, including but not limited to executive performance.

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    NNI- No Name Initiative

    Trasformational Group Dialogue

    This is neither usual ‘facilitation’ nor usual ‘dialogue’ – it is learning to be a dialogue warrior and an agent for conflict resolution; how to guide any team, group or community to their edge, and facilitate their transformative process in order to cross safely to a new paradigm.