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What will you bury that's not needed any more?

To start a new and exciting journey, we leave home.

To start a life with a partner, we leave our private space.

To start a new business, we leave certainty.

To start our life, we leave our mother's womb.

There is no other way to put start something means letting go of something else.

It's a passage from a state to another and often we overlook this part of the journey, being carried away by the overwhelming emotions of the newness.

Bringing awarness of what we are ready to let go is a crucial step to fully accept what's new and be ready for the ups and downs.

Letting go might carry emotional process and demands attention and care.

It needs our presence, focus and courage.

Only then, we are truly free to move on, respecting who we were before.

During my CTI leadership training we were asked to physically bury an object, a symbol for what wasn't needed any more in our life that could have been in the way of our transformation. We were given time and space to do it in our own way.

I still remember throwing a spiky pine cone as far as possible in the bushes and feeling a deep sense of satisfaction in being ready to make space for different part of me to emerge.

Nowadays rituals are not so frequent anymore and yet they are a fast and effective way to speed up change processes, marking a clear line ion time and space.

To bury masks or fears is a way to face them, acknowledge them, recognize their meaning and reasons to exist and yet to admit that they are not needed any more.

Thank you, time is over! Something exciting is asking to come to life.

So, let me ask you once again: what are you ready to bury that is not needed any more?

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