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The questions nobody dares to ask

An insight on how to be present in a public context

Someone talks and some basics don't seem to be in place, it doesn't make sense in your mind, something is missing or a link has not been created but...what if everyone else got it? What if they think I'm not up to the level of the conversation? What if I'm embarrassing for myself and those who know me?

Public speaking, Coaching and Philosophy studies taught me that there is nothing like a dumb question.

There are only dumb answers.

Any opportunity to refine and clarify a topic are highly welcomed from any generous speaker.

It's a gift to help the message to come across and land smoothly.

Most likely is a doubt already present in the field, someone else didn't get it either and the courage to name it is an act of altruism. By doing so, you are helping others to make more sense and the speaker to close gaps in his message.

Even better, you are reducing the chances of getting a distorted message. How many times did we find out that our message has been misinterpreted only long after it happened? by asking basics questions, we clarify assumptions that don't belong to the speaker' mind and we clean the space from what is not needed.

So...what did you want to ask?

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