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Stop talking to my packaging!

How often do people confuse your role and what happens to you and your body with who you are?

At times, this slip in human interaction is easily spot and quickly adjusted, as by truly connecting and asking your waiter or your boss how is s/he doing.

The outer package can be as temporary as being the "young" one, the "staying at home parent", the working mum, or more or less heavy or light as the one coming from this or that country.

At times instead the outer package can be excruciatingly tight, as when your body ages or you have a life threatening illness and people don't even see you anymore but are in touch with a "less than" person.

Looking beyond the outer package is a source of wonders and deep connections.

It opens up unimaginable new interactions and conversations.

It frees connections to their most creative and powerful expression.

It allows the magic of witnessing souls dancing with life.

For some, it hardly ever happens. For others, it's a gulp of oxygen that liberates from an inescapable and suffocating daily reminder. For all it's a blessing and a gift.

It's a unique opportunity to be present and connected with ourselves and others, without even crossing legs and chanting ohmmmmm!

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