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Primordial Eden

I visited a place in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle and I found primordial Eden!

I thought of us people and how we treasure or at times disregard Mother Earth.

I felt the privilege of being allowed to stand on the pure Earth ground and witness its beauty.

I felt the energy of a planet that doesn’t care of our mistakes because in a blink of its eyes, all will be wiped out and a millenium will clean everything, just as a minute would do in our little lives. The rocks in the gigantic Son Doong cave are millions of years old and truly don’t care about our little presence, whatever damage or gift we bring.

As humans, we are just part of something bigger, so much bigger we can’t even grasp.

Or at least...I can’t.

This thought made me shrink for a short while and then...quite surprisingly it generated the opposite!

It made me expand and connect with everything else and be part of the magnitude of what I was admiring. I'm part of what I see, feel, hear and I'm part of the moment, the future and the past.

And thanx to that, I matter. As everyone else does. We all matter and we all have much more sense when we are connected.

I visited a place in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle and I found much more than I came for.

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