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Creativity before you knew it

My coach guides me through an inspiring meditation, connecting my self with my younger self and all of a sudden I hear: "What was creativity like before you were told how it should be?"

Those words have been with me ever since and have opened a refreshing discovery of my natural resourcefulness and creativity.

I re-discovered my creativity in the simplicity  of a child playing on a solitary beach, creating a whole universe out of sand, water and a lot of imagination.

So simple...and so powerful too!

How many area of our life are affected by how authority present them?

Our parents, teachers, mentors or even friends, spouses, bosses, to name a few. With the best intent for sure, but at what cost?

"This is how things are" and we must adapt and shape ourselves to accomodate the sometimes not so natural external paradigma.

Just to find out some years later that we don't fit in or, even worst, that in order to accomodate somebody else's model, we need to shrink, give up our sparkle and question our "being enough".

Who says what we are good at and where we shine and impact the world?

There is one and only answer: ourselves!

Even the best art critics find it impossible to agree on what is art and how to judge it!

Since then have we unapologetically given up on the miracle of our being in the world?

It's time to claim back our own uniqueness and put the effort to make the best use of our talent.

We only need to remind ourselves that talent is what we do best, when we do what we love, free from self judgement and with com-passion.

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