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Am I in charge of my life?

Every moment is the right moment to choose. To take ownership to initiate the story I want to live.
With whom.
For what.
Every moment is an opportunity to bring alive the truth in myself.
Am I alive?
Am I doing something that honor my beauty and the beauty of those around me?
Is my doing increasing my energy? Or do I feel tired and depleted?
The body doesn't I listening to it? What is my body saying?
Does it need to scream to grab my attention? Or is it reassuringly present in my life?
Am I giving permission to people around me to touch my soul? Or am I behind a mirror reflecting my own fears?
Now is the time to take action and responsibility for my being in this world in this very time.
As far as I know, this is my time to be's my duty to make the best of it!

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