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Lesson from airport life: BE PRESENT

Slowing down as the smartest action before accelerating

As a frequent traveller, I often visit airports. Every time I'm struck by the similarities between airports' world and good sense in life.

Proving your identity, knowing where to go, how to get valid informations, how to handle crisis, dealing with people, managing needs, prioritising security, avoiding turbulence or going through it, taking off and landing, upgrading...

Yesterday I focused on something that highly resonated with how to show up big in life: before any big action, take the time to slow down and BE PRESENT!

Every plane, no matter from which direction is coming from and how fast is going, will slow down almost to a stop before accelerating for take off.

The technical reason for it is firstly to get clearance from the control tower, avoiding collision with other planes (the field). Then to check that the plane is problem free and every single part is ready for take off (the system).

Plane, captain, crew and passengers are all present for what's coming next. No minor or major distractions are allowed (food, digital systems, bio needs, services,...).

The whole system is focused and highly aware on any single element leading to take off.

It's not about control, it's about raising the level of attention for what's going on: inside and outside of the system.

It's not about perfection, it's about being present in the moment and letting the preparation, knowledge and effort being the bottom line for a highly receptive presence.

Reducing the noise and focusing on the source of the energy that drove you to taking action clear the space from unwanted waste and give access to the essential resources.

This precious short moment of mindfulness makes the difference between carrying safely hundreds of life or jumping into disaster.

How do you get ready for a radical action?

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