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I AM... or I HAVE...?

Language is our window on the world and HOW we convey a message have a great impact on ourselves and on others.

What's your reaction when you hear me saying: "I'm exhausted"

What's different if I say: "I've had an exhausting day"

My guess is the second sentence is more about what happened and less about me and my core identity. 

When my day has been exhausting, I have more chances to put an end to it and start creating something new.

If I am the problem, it feels almost impossible or really hard work to fix me.

When I have a problem, not only I give myself power to solve it, I also create space for others to step in and help me.

In any moment in time you can get rid of all the labels that don't serve you anymore and open up to what you really want for yourself. 

Next time you say something about yourself, use a different verb and get prepared to be surprised!

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