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Falling forward

The courage to believe in ourselves

Falling forward

Did you ever see Denzel Washington' commencement speech video?

It makes me wanting to jump into action.


It's the difference between complaining and acting, being a victim and becoming a hero, retreating in fear and embracing life.

Sometimes it's just a question of digging deeper inside and looking intensively for the gift we can offer, no matter what, to whom or how.

We all have it.

For so many reasons, for some of us the quest is more difficult and having that one person that still believes in us can make the difference between falling backward or forward.

It's the one who can see what we struggle to see. It's the one who doesn't buy the thousands of excuses and reasons why we cannot get out of the sinking sands.

We all have the gift.

We need the courage to fall forward for it.

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