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Does it really have to be at risk, for me to acknowledge its value?

While walking out of my 12th grader school, the realization that this walk won't happen again in the future hit me badly.

Tears rolled on my cheeks and my throat tightened, almost chocking me.

I realized in a split second how much I love having him around, and through him how many precious gifts I receive, like the great learnings coming from a tremendous school filled with amazing people.

Why acknowledging all this in such a strong emotional way only when the end is at sight?

I want more of this every day for everything I do.

By doing so, I'll bring my whole person in all I do and get the best possible experience for me and for those around me.

The key word here is INTENTION.

For me it's the intention of appreciating anything that comes on my direction.

To make the effort of spotting the opportunities to say "thank you!" and to live my purpose even in the tiniest moments.

What's your intention today?

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