Up until now

During my CTI leadership training I've been given the best present ever.

It's a gift that gives me permission to always be at my best, no excuses, no labels, no framing, no blaming.

It's the key to unlock the change I want for myself and for the world I live in.

It's my encouragement to keep striving for what I believe is the right thing for me and for those around me.

It's the awareness that every decision is a conscious one, in the context of the here and now.


These 3 words bring the past in the realm of my experience and give me the power to change.

History doesn't define who I am from now on, it shapes how I got here and it shows in the scars I bear.

The past teaches me how to recognise what's around me. It doesn't define how I proceed.


So from now on it's on me...and everything is possible.

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